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Taura 10 months ago
I can't stand watching people that pay tons of money for fertility treatments or IVF and end up with multiples when there are so many children waiting to be adopted. The excuse that IVF can be cheaper than adoption goes out the window when you now have 6 babies needing diapers, formula, and everything else all at the same time.
Dajas 10 months ago
the cat shouldve been ringing the alarms hahaahhahhahah
Maulkis 10 months ago
lady at 7:07 please!
Samukasa 10 months ago
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Mohn 10 months ago
Man how cool is that! NY vs. NE. A good game no doubt. Speaking of, this past Sunday was *great for football. My team won (Minnesota woop woop), the Miami game into OT was intense, and the night game was close too. I don't care for New England, but it was cool that Tom Brady got his 200th win!