Название «Abbreviations or Shortenings in modern English: Tendentions of their development»
Количество страниц 75
Год сдачи 2009
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Chapter I. The main characteristics of abbreviations and their appliance in modern English
§ 1.1. Classification groups of abbreviations, the main differences between them
§ 1.2. Graphical abbreviations
§ 1.3. Types of initials, peculiarities of their pronunciation
§ 1.4. Lexical shortenings of words, their reference to styles
§ 1.5. Blends
§ 1.6. Back formation
§ 1.7. The peculiarities of appliance of abbreviations in modern English
Chapter II. The stylistic functions of the abbreviations in modern English
§ 2.1. Common abbreviations
§ 2.2. Abbreviations as scientific words
§ 2.3. Abbreviations of American origin
§ 2.4. Innovations in American English
§ 2.5. Abbreviations as lexical units of business English
§ 2.6. The most common acronyms in the areas of networks
Appendix I
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