Название «Woman as a muse in John Fowels works.»
Количество страниц 60
Год сдачи 2009
Содержание Содержание:
Chapter 1. Fowles’s place in Postmodernism Literature.
1.1.The concept of the Muse.
1.2.Women in Fowles’s life as prototypes for his female characters.
Chapter 2. Woman as an inspiration for an artist.
2.1.Miranda Grey and G.P. in "The Collector".
2.2. Diana (the “Mouse”) and David Williams in "Ebony Tower".
2.3. Diana, Ann and Henry Breasley in "Ebony Tower".
Chapter 3. Woman as a guiding spirit.
3.1. Alison Kelly and Nicholas Urfe. (The Magus)
3.2. Lily de Seitas and Nicholas Urfe. (The Magus)
3.3. Miranda Grey and Frederick Clegg (Caliban).
Chapter 4. The Muse personality.
4.1. The Muse in her relations with other women.
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